roll out flowersRoll Out Flowers
Just roll out these pre-seeded mats and water! No guesswork about seed spacing  or depth – the premium seeds are uniformly distributed in the 100% biodegradable fiber  mat that also acts as a weed barrier. Cut to any size for containers  or simply roll out in the yard or garden. With up to 20 different flower varieties in each garden, these  colorful dazzling blooms will last all season long  and be sure to impress the neighborhood!

flower rocketFlower Rocket
The new and easy way to have a beautiful flower bouquet. Two quick steps, plant and water, then the premium selected flower seeds will make your home come to life with vivid colors and wonderful fragrance! Made with 100% biodegradable materials that will provide the seeds with a nutritious start on their way to blooming.

tomato rocketTomato Rocket
Grow 100’s Of Organic Tomatoes

  • Each Rocket can grow up to 25 lbs. of tomatoes
  • Grow virtually anywhere, anytime
  • Hand selected premium grade seeds
  • Perfect for indoors or outdoors
  • The new way to grow tomatoes!
  • Create your own tomato factory

The Secret… Patent pending proprietary growing technology commonly used in commercial growing hot- houses. Grows multiple plants with minimal space.

bed of lavender gardenBed of Lavender Garden

Ready To Grow, Pre-Seeded Rolls!

  • Grow your own herbs
  • Grows in any type soil
  • No tools or lengthy prep work required
  • Germinates in only days
  • Provides nutritious food
  • Roll measures 7’ x 7.5’’
  • Great for containers

Just Roll, Water & Grow!

rolloutgrassRoll Out Grass
Pre-Seeded Grass Roll

• Great for patching bare spots or new lawns
• Contains seed and nutrients for a lush green lawn
• Special blend works well for any lawn
• Performs great in sun and shade
• Over 6,000 seeds per square foot!
• Quick germination
• 100% biodegradable
• Results are guaranteed
• Cut to size

Roll Out Food Plot
Roll Out Food Plot is a new and innovative way to grow your own private food plot, anywhere, anytime, without any equipment. NO tiller, NO tractor/ATV, NO spreader needed. Simply roll out on soil in your desired location and the deer will find it. Infused with 10X the recommended rate of seed with New Zealand drought-resistant Clovers and Chicory, this seed holds moisture and starts growing in just days! The Roll-Out technology is 100% biodegradable and re-grows year after year in your favorite spot. Grow your own highly addictive “power strip” and be ready to see Buck-ZILLA! Completely pre-seeded and ready to use now!


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