How long does it take to receive the product(s) once order is placed?


Usually the item(s) will ship the next business day from our warehouse, you should receive your item(s) within 3-7 days after that depending on location.


How do I care for my new Roll Out Flower Garden?


Just read the package your garden came in to learn about how to care for your new Roll Out Garden.  Simplicity is what this garden is all about, just Roll Out and water! A lot!  Remember, you cannot over water this garden.  The mat will only hold the exact amount of water needed for seed germination.

Are the flowers annual flowers or perennial flowers?

For the most part, all the flowers are annuals.  Meaning quicker germination and quicker blooms!  There may be a few perennial varieties in some garden themes, but these are generally the one’s our in house horticulturalist has hand selected that bloom in their first season and are too spectacular to leave out of our mixes.  Annual flowers bloom in their first season that is why we use mostly all annuals.

What garden varieties does Roll Out Flowers offer?

Currently, there are four mixes to choose from:

  • Butterfly/Hummingbird mix consists of 20 varieties which produce vivid colors and sweet nectars for these two popular flying friends.
  • Olde English mix consists of 20 varieties of the old “antique” and nostalgic varieties we came familiar with in the last 200 years.  Replicate the gardens of England as they once were years ago and enjoy the sights.
  • Garden Fragrance mix is the mix you want if you want sweet delectable smells and scents all season long.  This unique blend has been selected for overall ease of growth and nose-pleasing aromas.
  • Shady Garden mix is that all-in-one mix for that pesky shaded area we all have where not much will grow and if it did, we don’t know which varieties it would be.  Here is your answer, once again, we have done the work for you in this selection of 10 shade loving flowers. It’s never been easier to beautify those ugly bare spots under the tree or next to your house!
How often do I need to water my Roll Out Flower garden?

As soon as you roll out your new Roll Out Flower garden, water it!  Water it a lot!  For the very best results and quickest germination you need to keep the mat “moist” the first 10-20 days of planting.  This means watering at least twice daily.  Hey, it will be worth it.

When planting my Roll Out Garden, which side goes down toward the soil?

When planting your new Roll Out garden, roll out so green fiber-side faces down and the fabric part faces up.  As you water your garden the fabric part just melts away, like cotton candy.  It helps assist in retaining moisture and protecting the seeds against moving around, keeping your plants property spaced apart.  Be sure and read all three of the directions.

When should I plant my Roll Out Garden?

Ideally, spring is best for planting, but only after the last frost occurs.  Soil temperature should be above 65 degrees when planting.

How long will my Roll Out Garden take to bloom and how long will they bloom?

With proper watering, as directed, you should see sprouts in 10-20 days and blooms in about 6 weeks!  For most of these varieties (Butterfly/Hummingbird, Olde English, Garden Fragrance) you should cut yourself a bouquet every 2 weeks or so after blooming starts.  This encourages more and more blooms to come on.  Most all of these varieties in all our gardens bloom right up till the first frost occurs.  Note: one obstacle that sometimes slows germination and sprouting is soil temperature.  To see sprouts as noted above, soil temp must be above 65 degrees or this process may be 2 to 3 times as long.

What is the mat made of?

100% natural wood fibers.  All are biodegradable.

Do I need to add fertilizer?

It is not recommended to add fertilizer to wildflowers, as this pushes the bloom time further out.

Where do I need to plant my Roll Out Garden?

Anywhere you would plant bedding plants.  Alongside your house, walkway, shrubbery or pots and whiskey barrels.  Be creative, you can cut to size & place in pots and containers.

What is the shelf life of Roll Out Garden if I don’t plant them this season?

If you just don’t have the time this season, you have next season to plant.  If kept cool and dry the mat will last 3 to 4 seasons.

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